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realMYST für Android

Verfasst: Freitag 27. Januar 2017, 13:36
von Axel
Endlich können wir Androiden auch mitreden, das Kultspiel auf dem Handy oder Tablet zu durchrätseln.

GooglPlay: ... e.realmyst

Weiterführende Links: ... ase-745334 und ... e=facebook

Und hier noch der Gameplay-Trailer ...

Viel Spaß im Garten, unterwegs als Co-Pilot im PKW, in der Bahn & Co. :)

Re: realMYST für Android

Verfasst: Freitag 27. Januar 2017, 18:56
von Axel
Nochmal ganz offiziell von Cyan vermeldet ...
Cyan Worlds Inc. hat geschrieben:Cyan, Inc., the legendary indie studio that created some of the most beloved games of all time, has teamed up with award-winning Noodlecake Studios ( Super Stickman Golf 3) for the worldwide Android release of beloved classics, Myst and Riven. Beginning today, realMyst is available for download on Google Play and Amazon for $6.99 USD, with Riven, its sequel, coming soon.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Noodlecake Studios on introducing a new generation of mobile gamers to Myst and Riven," said Rand Miller, CEO, Cyan.

"Getting to work with Cyan on realMyst is about as surreal as the game itself. Myst was such a huge part of our gaming histories that never in our wildest dreams did we ever think our small studio in the middle of nowhere Canada would work on such a storied franchise. Rand and Robyn's work has had a huge influence on us and we're excited for our fans to discover this magical game," said Ryan Holowaty, COO, Noodlecake Studios.

Myst made its debut in 1993 to critical and popular acclaim and went on to become the best-selling game of the last millennium. Riven followed in 1997 with much fanfare led by Steve Jobs who showcased the game as one that pushed the edge of the the most advanced graphics technology at Apple. The games came to iOS in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

realMyst for Android features vast exploration of strange deserted landscapes with forests to meander, trees to gaze up into, rippling fountains to relax next to, and thunderstorms to seek shelter from. Spin round a panoramic tour of a throne room all while trying to decipher a series of maddening books that will unlock alternate planes of reality.

Included in the realMyst Android app are:

All of the original Myst Ages and bonus Rime Age content
Bluetooth controller support for Android phones and tablets, including NVIDIA Shield
Full Myst gameplay and interaction
Dynamic 3D environments and sounds
Haunting Myst score by Robyn Miller
Simple navigation - touch and hold to move, swipe to turn
Advanced navigation - run, move backward, invert look
Interaction Guides demonstrate how to work with objects
Bookmark feature to save and restore progress
realMyst Hint Guide in case you get stumped

Enjoy the debut trailer here:

About Cyan

Cyan is an indie games studio headquartered in Spokane, Washington. Best known for award-winning games Myst and Riven, which are available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS and now Android. Cyan's latest game, Obduction, is a critically-acclaimed PC VR sci-fi thriller available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and Oculus Store, coming soon to Mac, PS4, PSVR, Vive and Oculus Touch. For more information, visit .

About Noodlecake Studios

Noodlecake Studios is a small indie game studio based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Founded in early 2011, Noodlecake launched its first game, Super Stickman Golf and has since expanded into third party publishing, releasing games on multiple platforms. For more information, visit .

realMyst on Google Play ... e.realmyst

Quelle: Cyan Worlds Inc. (facebook)